Dr. Luke Liquid Wart & Corn Gel Maximum Strength Exclusive Formula Common and Flat Wart Liquid, Fast-Acting Corn Removal Mask for Plantar


  • ★ Easy to use solution– Just apply the liquid with the brand, then wait for it dry.
  • ★ Long-lasting working– Our wart removal mask can slow down the volatilization of the liquid and make the active ingredients work on the for a long time.
  • ★ Especially designed for– plantar warts, common warts, corn, calluses on Foot, toenails,s or fingernails(DON’T USE ON FACE!!).
  • ★ Comfortable — Using our exclusive technology, when the liquid is formed into a mask, it precisely covers the surface of wart, which is safe and non-irritating, and can better protect your skin while working efficiently.
  • ★Exclusive Mask Technology– Our liquid wart remover mask can be turned into a mask in just 30 sec, and it is waterproof to help your Foot or finger.
  • NDC NUMBER: 83176-001-01
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